A Pathetic Tribute to Doug Funnie: Part 2 - The Many Faces of Doug

The thing I loved most about Doug were the many different personas he was able to become through out the series.  Just like every other kid, when faced with a tough problem in life, Doug would imagine himself as a super hero or a secret agent to deal with his problems.  Through the strengths and weaknesses of his character, Doug would discover the real life answer to his real life problem.  If only we could all do this, our problems would be solved so much easier.  You know why it doesn't work, because kids pick Superman... Psh, Superman!?  That's just cheating.

Jack Bandit - Wah na naaaa... Jack!... Bandit!  Believe it or not this was Doug's first alternate persona.  Making his grand appearance in only the second episode of the series, Jack Bandit makes a run from the cops after a volcano blew up the science room.  That's right, Doug's science project volcano exploded!  Actually it didn't, it was just a rumor that probably all leads back to Roger (what a Jerk).  As far as I am aware this was Jack Bandits first and only appearance, but oh how it was a memorable one.  One more time... Wah na naaaa... Jack!... Bandit!

The Chameleon - One of Doug's lesser known characters, The Chameleon, is a master of disguise and appears in episode 14.  Doug must take up the identity of The Chameleon to discover who stole Beebe's new radio.  If he fails, Mr. Bone will give the entire class detention!  With such consequences on the line, was The Chameleon able to succeed?  I'm not entirely sure, I don't remember... something to do with Skeeter having the radio in the end...

Smash Adams - This is obviously a take on the character of James Bond.  Smash Adams is a smooth secret agent, with expertise in getting back drawings of teachers, recovering artwork created by dogs and raccoons, and dealing with evil dentists!  That guy makes it look so easy, and with a name like Smash Adams, how can you go wrong?  Ohhhh Smash!

Quail-Man - Yes!  Finally!  My favorite... Quail-Man!  The superhero that looks like he fell into a laundry basket!  He is a man's man!  So secure in himself he wears the belt on his forehead and his underwear on the outside!  Quail-Man and his faithful companion Quail-Dog reign supreme in the superhero world of Doug.  He also battles the greatest villains, such as Dr. Klotzenstein (not to mention his mindless minions created from the townsfolk eating Zombie Chips), The Rulemeister, RoboBone, and The Wacky Weatherman (with the help of Silver Skeeter!).  Quail-Man was also a grand role-model, and always told the kids to eat their beets, "...They're natures candy you know!"  Quail-Man.. Awaaaaaaaaaaay!

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Faces of Doug Episode Guide

Jack Bandit - 2

The Chameleon - 14

Smash Adams - 10, 20, 25

Quail-Man - 12, 15, 20, 23, 29 (Silver Skeeter)

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